I LOVE the Pregnancy/Woman Support Tea! It’s super yummy and delicious hot or cold! With just a few weeks in my pregnancy to go, it won’t be too hard to get in the daily recommended amount of this delicious tea which contains red raspberry leaf along with many other nourishing herbs to help my body prepare for labor! Tamy and family have always been great to work with and very accommodating when it comes to working with my crazy schedule to get my tea! :)
— Staci
Amazing tea and wonderful all around support for women and mothers! I have never been a tea drinker, but have loved every tea I’ve purchased from Wholistic Women! The Adrenal Support tea has been amazing for helping me keep up with my busy life, and the Calm The Heck Down tea helps me unwind after a long day! My significant other and I are also big fans of the soak! You can be assured that any purchase will be well worth it!
— Allison
Tamy and her daughter Melissa have been a wealth of knowledge for me during my pregnancy. The pregnancy tea is incredible! I’ve heard many benefits of drinking red raspberry leaf tea, and I must say the blend she uses tastes great and lives up to all hype. I’ve had no morning sickness or constipation, so I definitely recommend to all my pregnant mama friends. I can’t wait to try some of the other teas I’ve had my eye on :) Also, I was suffering from horrible heart burn and they offered me a few tips to help and even gave me a couple samples!! Life savers!!
— Aftan
I just have to tell you there is something magical about your tea! Lol, I’m sure you already knew this! It’s SO yummy and leaves me wanting more! I’m already on my second batch and I’ve been making double batches each time I make it!
— Staci
After years of infertility I started drinking Tamy’s tea as a way to ease the pains of a horrid and unpredictable period. I stopped taking all medications and focused on my health naturally. After some encouragement I was introduced to a woman who offered Mayan massage via Tamy and her daughter Melissa Roloff. I didn’t believe in Mayan massage and knew nothing about it. I received a lower belly massage in a safe, comfortable space and was told I needed some realigning with help from the massage. After that massage I had my first naturally occurring period in two years! No meds. Just tea and realigning with help from the massage. I conceived a month later after 9 years of trying. Truly, I recommended Mayan massage and the tea to my college roommate after we commiserated over her inability to conceive. She found a local practitioner of Mayan massage and conceived TWINS! Often, we forget about the ancient, beautiful wisdoms handed down to women throughout the generations. I have learned in the last four years of my life connecting back to those wisdoms and tuning out “modern means” feels better for the soul, connects you with the universe, and helps you develop your intuition. All of which a mother needs to provide best for her child.
— Jessica
I faithfully drank the tea 4 times a day and took chaste tree berry tincture as recommended and my symptoms greatly improved. I discovered that I could brew a day’s worth of tea in a high quality steel thermos and take it with me to work on my bus runs. The heavier parts of the tea sank to the bottom of the thermos and the desirable tea rose to the top. If I took care while pouring, the tea would be just right for drinking! Every cup of tea brought reassurance both physically and emotionally....
— Susan

Birth Doula Training

Thank you Tamy, This was more wonderful than I could have imagined!
— J
This was such a wonderful class and a great intro to the world of maternal c. Thank You!!
— A
I took Tamy’s Wholistic Birth Doula training session, and it was amazing! Tamy is extreamly knowledgeable, compassionate and wise! I felt honored to learn from her, and still feel blessed to be able to turn to her for information and counsel!
— Amanda
I highly recommend Tamy’s classes. She is very knowledgeable and helpful.
— Courtney

Birth Doula

We were fortunate to have Tamy as our doula for both of our births. She provided continuous emotional and physical support, and worked as our advocate to complement the midwife’s medical expertise...Tamy brought a calming feeling, in such a hurried world, to the deep spiritual experience of birth and as a result we were able to look back on this birth of our son in a much more positive way.
— Jami
I was blessed to have Tamy as my doula for my daughter’s birth in 2003. I used Hypnobabies techniques to prepare for labor, and she offered to listen to the cd’s so she could use the Hypnobabies cues with me during labor. She was a gentle and calm presence for both me and my husband. I honestly don’t think I could have had a pain medication free birth without her. She has an abundance of knowledge about breastfeeding and child rearing. Tamy is a wonderful doula and has been a great blessing to me.
— Deborah
I have witnessed Tamy’s ability to be ‘with women’ in her many Doula assignments with my clients. She maintains a low profile, while assisting clients to make informed decisions whenever possible. She works exceptionally well as a team member, acting in both a non-intrusive yet supportive manner. She works well in concert with other professionals and was able to demonstrate useful skills in negotiation, articulating clearly her client’s goals and desires. She is able to anticipate these needs through her keen observational skills and encouraging words.
— Catherine CNM
My husband and I came into contact with Tamy Roloff about three weeks before the birth of our child. My husband and I had arranged for a doula to be present at our birth and due to an injury she was unable to attend. Despite the extremely short time frame, Tamy was not only willing to meet with us about attending our birth but was also willing to make the 6 hour drive from her home residence to be available in our city during the days leading up to our due date. She was extremely accommodating to our needs and went out of her was to make our birth a comfortable and peaceful experience. Her warm presence, years of experience and encouraging confidence during our labor facilitated a peaceful environment and aided us in accomplishing a beautiful birthing experience. In addition, her knowledge of current birthing/postpartum practices and research was a great resource for us in the days following labor in the recovery process.

Tamy has a clear passion for her work backed by knowledge and years of experience that allows her to be efficient, extremely competent and skilled at her work. She presents herself in such a way that is approachable, open and warm with her clients.

In summary, I highly recommend Tamy for any position or endeavor that she may seek to pursue. She will be a valuable resource for all who seek to use her services.
— Dawn

Midwifery Care

I believe I was pregnant with my third when I met Tamy. I was 41.

I had heard praises of her as a doula by a close friend though, so when I learned she was going to be my midwife’s assistant, I was delighted. I think I met her at her natural food store. What can I say, she was special to me from the start. I felt like I could lean upon her, and when, (in my 36th week) my midwife gave notice of her leaving the area,(immediately) lean on Tamy I did. She made herself available at her own expense out of her own sense of commitment...And I was able to find a midwife that my insurance would cover at week 38.

My birthing history was good, but for both my first, (hospital,) and second,(home,) I had heavier bleeding with the afterbirth and required a shot of pitocin. Knowing this, Tamy recommended I take Motherwort tincture as my 3rd baby was delivered,(at home, in the birthing tub,) and I did not bleed a drop.

Five years later, at the age of 46, I was pregnant with my fourth, and Tamy had her LM. I was SO happy to hire her as my midwife. My appointment times were full of warmth and encouragement. At 46, I had my opposition, but Tamy set me at ease that I was able, and it fortified me. For the most part I was healthy and fit. I hadn’t eaten refined foods for 20 years, and walked a lot. Tamy also recommended a few things that I did not heed wholeheartedly then ( I now preach them to every pregnant lady I can).

I felt good with the pregnancy, though the last month the baby took to doing head spins on my cervix.

I went into labor gradually, called Tamy , (who lived 35 miles from me,) when my water broke, at which point the contractions came somewhat fast and furious. Tamy arrived and filled the pool with my husband while I breathed through on hands and knees in the next room. We deducted that it would be helpful to get into the water. (I actually thought I’d labor in water and birth “on land” this time, but the water was sooooooooo comfortable.) It was well after midnight, assistant, Sara had arrived by then also and they had covered the window to dim the neighbor’s security light. The only light was flashlight, held low, that Tamy circled as she needed to. All was still.

I felt like I’d been transported back two thousand years to a well-aged stable, and was securely situated with friendly beasts.......

This being my 4th birth, I was more focused, and Tamy was sensitive to me. I “knew,” more specifically, where the baby was, as Tamy described our progress. I was more in control. Tamy empowered me...by reminding me of my wonderful design, that to do this was in me.

At 3:21 and maybe 2 pushes, Nathanael was in my arms. He came posterior, “sunny side up” as Tamy said. (and this is his personality too.) I took the Motherwort. I did not bleed.

Tamy and Sara were in my kitchen preparing herbal “burritos” to sooth my perinium when my children came out and she quietly directed them to their dad and me with their new little brother....(again, “transported back to the stable.”)

To have Tamy was like being with a dear sister who had gone before me. The treasure of her wisdom and experience deflated fear and doubt in me and enabled me to enter a very special place.
— Wendy

Childbirth Education

This class was perfect for us. Tamy customized the curriculum to our needs and story. The homework was great and included wonderful recipes and videos to watch. We enjoyed being able to practice techniques in the comfort of our own home, on our own time. We highly recommend taking this class and we plan on taking it again the next time we are pregnant.
— Renae & Wyatt
Through one on one communication this class fits the couple’s individual needs. Knowledge is power; this class assists with confidence in the birth process and helps couples handle their individual labors confidently
— Cathy midwife