Wholistic ChildBirth Summer Doula Training

Dates: 2018

To be Announced

So you're Interested in becoming a Wholistic Birth Doula?

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(1) Wholistic ChildBirth Doula Training  $650.00                                                                                                            Attend our annual Birth Doula Training Course

(2) Become a Certified Wholistic Birth Doula $40.00                                                                                                      Purchase the Certification Packet, and a PDF will be sent to your email with the forms you need                        to complete in order to become a Certified Wholistic Birth Doula. 

(3) WBD Completion of Certification Packet  $40.00                                                                                                      Email or Snail Mail the completed packet with payment (Click for online payment). Once approved                    you  will receive a certificate for framing & certification card.

(4) Wholistic ChildBirth Yearly Membership $30.00                                                                                                       Yearly membership is required to maintain certification. You will receive access to our WBD Facebook               page for further networking within the local Doula community.         

(5) Certification Renewal $40.00 (due every 3 years)                                                                                                       Three year renewal for Wholistic Birth Doula Certification. Upon purchase a PDF packet will be sent to              your email for you to complete.