WBD = Wholistic Birth Doula

1) Tamy Roloff ~ CPM, LM & CEO @ Wholistic Woman        

    Is a homebirth midwife that believes in the sanctity of birth and the sovereignty of a woman to give birth in       the manner and place in which she feels safest. I believe that telling our birth stories is healing and passes       our birth wisdom down to the next generation of women…and men. Beginning 30+ years ago my own               births empowered my life and made me the woman and midwife I am today. My goal is to help each                 woman I work with, through education, empowering prenatal care & story-telling, find her way on her               unique and special birth journey.  My training was through lengthy apprenticeship, Seattle Midwifery                 School didactic studies and university level classes. I have a bachelor of arts degree in interdisciplinary           studies with a primary focus on business administration. I occasionally work as a birth doula as well as train     them, have created and teach online Wholistic Childbirth Classes, provide lactation support and owned an       Organic Market for 25 years. I have four children I birthed with a midwife and 13 grandchildren, most of             whose births I have attended – seven as the midwife, two as a birth doula. 

2) Lydia Roloff ~ Admin/Brand Manager @ Wholistic Woman        

    Wholistic Child Birth Doula ~ Trainer                                                                                                                             Medical Office Specialist, Medical Billing and Coding Student (CCS of Spokane)                                                   Breastfeeding advocate and supporter of women in Business.    

    I have been a homebirth Midwife's daughter for the past 30 years. Proud mother of 4 homebirth babies.           I'm DONA trained, Wholistic Birth Doula trained and WBD Certified. I'm honored to be one of Wholistic             Woman's WBD trainers.

3) Kayli Bowman ~ WBD ~ Real Birth Series, Child Birth Education Instructor  

     I am a Massage Therapist out of Deer Park, WA. I have a deep seated passion for bodywork which lead            me to massage therapy. Becoming a mother has opened the door to birth work, which I am head over              heels for! I was born and raised in Deer Park, moved to Cheney where I attended Eastern Washington              University and received a bachelors degree in biology, and moved back to Loon Lake in 2011 where we            currently reside. I am a trained Wholistic Birth Doula. I have a strong belief that every mother has the right        to feel empowered during her birth, to be informed, listened to, and supported. That is my role as a doula.        All I wish for are birth experiences that can be shared with smiles, and positive memories that last a                  lifetime! I am  very excited to be a part of the local birth community and to have the amazing opportunity to      both work  with and educate families.

4) Bethany Daniels ~ WBD ~ Real Birth Series, Child Birth Education Instructor      

     I am working on my Wholistic Birth Doula Certification. I am currently a trained DONA international doula          who bring humor, compassion, and a wealth of knowledge to the families I have the honor of supporting. I        strongly believe in the instincts a woman has and have a firm belief in your right to make choices best for        your baby, body, and birth. My goal for your birth is to make sure you are supported and informed so you        can empower yourself to feel confident in every decision you make. It is my hope that you look back on            your birth story as a positive and fulfilling memory. I am also a certified Dancing for Birth instructor who            encourages you to take charge of your pregnancy and postpartum in an active and exciting way; by                  dancing. My recent training as an Infant Sleep Educator allows you to take you and your baby's sleep                health to the next level so you can have a well rested family. As a mother, I recognize the need for a great        support system and I have the amazing privilege of being a source of support for families on their                      parenting   journey.   

5) Julie Delinger ~ WBD ~ Real Birth Series, Child Birth Education Instructor  

     I am a Wholistic Birth Doula, DONA trained and in practice since 2005. Supporting families and easing              the transition that comes next when having a baby is one of my life passions and greatest joys. Continuity        of care, support of your choices, more information, assistance in planning, care before and during labor,          birth and postpartum are all available with my birth doula services

6) Dawn Marazzo ~ WBD ~ Real Birth Series, Child Birth Education Instructor  

      I am a Wholistic Birth Doula in the Cheney/Spokane area. I have my Master's in Licensed Professional               Counseling with a specialty in sexual assault and trauma. In addition, I am also an essential oils wellness           advocate. After the birth of my firstborn I grew such a passion for birth work that it was undeniable. It is my       heart to help women feel empowered to make their own choices in their birth and help them have a                 positive experience to carry with them. In addition, I recognize the lack of support many woman face in             the postpartum time after birth and therefore I emphasize the need for support emotionally and physically       to help mothers feel more confident in their parenting journey.

7) Aubrey Thayer ~ WBD ~ Real Birth Series, Child Birth Education Instructor      

     I am a trained Wholistic Woman Birth Doula located in Spokane, Wa. In addition to pertinent training                  regarding birth work, I hold 10 years of practical experience in nutrition services. I believe that women              should be fully backed in their choices surrounding pregnancy and childbirth. I provide women with the            physical and emotional support that they deserve. While presenting evidence-based information to be              confident in making informed decisions regarding their rights. Holding space for women in whatever                capacity they need in their unique time and being in a place of comfort is my passion!